About Us

Our Objective:                                                                         

The objective of is simple. We provide a seamless environment that brings recruiters and employers together, with jobseekers who are looking for a career in the renewable energy industry.

Our Platform:

Our platform is constantly evolving with the latest technological developments. Before a candidate even begins to type what jobs they are looking for, our site knows by automatically pulling through from their LinkedIn profile and suggesting jobs. Now that's pretty cool.

Registration is so quick and easy it’ll be over in 60 seconds. Drag and drop CV uploads make the whole process even simpler.

Our Pricing:

We continually monitor our competitors to make sure we offer the most competitive rates on the market. To add to this, we offer bespoke packages that are tailored to your needs (view here) . 

Our Targeted Approach:

We utilise the latest geo tagging technology within our site. For example, as soon as a job gets posted in Bristol, our site will automatically pinpoint and email all the candidates that are suited to that job within the region making them aware of the job position.

Our Integration:

Our site is not only integrated with Indeed, but over 15 CRM platforms to make job uploads for recruiters an effortless process.