India, South Korea And Ireland Are Growth Markets For Renewable Energy

08 Jul 15:00 by Green Energy



Ireland's leading solar energy institution produced a report that suggested solar investment could grow the domestic job market and reduce EU fines.

India's state bank introduced a new credit line for renewable research and capacity expansion with a goal of about 200 GW by 2022.

South Korea's government introduced investments of $36.6 billion geared towards renewable energy research.

As renewable energy companies begin to aggressively enter the industry, investors should be aware of the trends and fundamentals that support the prospects for growth among the many clean options. Solar power, a capital intensive industry that has already seen growth, is one source that will be able to wrestle electricity generation share from its fossil fuel competitors. After cues issued from the respected Paris climate accord, nations across the globe are beginning to embrace clean energy with investments in solar research. The shift in the international political agenda has resulted in a more positive perception of solar energy in the investment arena and opportunities to invest in stocks, all but "endorsed" by policymakers across the globe