Renewable Energy Offers Massive Job Opportunities

17 Jul 21:00 by Green Energy



Even as employment positions are being lost in industries such as manufacturing, Australia has a significant area of opportunity with regard to job creation in renewable energy over the next decade and a half, a new report suggests.

In its Renewable Energy Jobs: Future Growth in Australia report, the Climate Council compares two different scenarios about the long term future of the renewable energy sector in Australia and models the likely employment impacts of each scenario.

Under the first scenario, a ‘business as usual’ rate of growth in renewable energy capacity is assumed, and the share of electricity which is generated from renewable sources increases from around 15 per cent now to around 34 per cent by 2030.

Under the second scenario, by contrasts, the nation adopts a more aggressive approach and the share of renewables as at 2030 instead rises to 50 per cent.

Whereas net gains of around 14,000 jobs will occur under the first scenario, that number rises to 28,000 under the more aggressive latter scenario – around 15,000 of which will come from construction and 13,000 of which will be in operations.

Whilst some jobs would be lost as coal fired power stations shut down, this would be more than offset by the higher levels of employment within the renewable sector.