War: Trump Vs Green Energy

28 Jun 11:00 by Green Energy



Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy, and since his election in 2016 it seems he has turned on an eternal tap from which it flows. He is an outspoken advocate for fossil fuels, and having recently appointed David Simmons, another fossil fuel enthusiast, to run the Office Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the controversy continues.

This act alone could reverse measures to control climate change, and is sure to adversely impact the renewable energy industry. Here are some of the potential repercussions of trump’s approach to green energy.       

Fossil Fuels Rise from the Ashes

Trump’s focus on reviving the extensive use of fossil fuels could well take the world back in time by undoing the work done by environmental agencies across the world. His withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord was met with widescale condemnation and anger, as it could have severe effects on the entire planet, nevermind America.

This marks a new era of danger in global climate control, as many view global warming as one of the greatest existential threats to humanity. In essence, those involved in the US fossil fuel industry will be rejoicing, whilst the rest of the world lives in fear of the consequences.  

Funding for Renewables Cut

With this in mind, the US President also plans an extensive budget cut of 69% to the same department, as well as huge staff cuts. One would be forgiven for thinking that Trump has a vendetta against green energy, and it certainly seems as though it has been thrust to the back of his list of priorities.  

This could well put the renewable energy sector at major risk, with company shares potentially falling in value as their stream of funding is stunted. They would then struggle to continue innovating and hiring the necessary experts to expand on current research.  

Jobs at Risk

Ultimately, jobs in the green energy sector are likely to suffer as a result of Trump’s attitude towards renewables. Not only is his cutting of funding likely to cripple research and investment opportunities, but his attitude towards climate change as the most powerful figure in America could well put false authority behind his claims.

Many people may be discouraged from trying to find a job in a sector which has an uncertain and potentially unstable future, whilst companies in the fossil fuel industry could well see an influx of job applications. 

US Overtaken by Other Countries

It us likely the US will severely lag behind other countries when it comes to tackling climate change. China is now looking to take up a leading position on halting the world’s CO2 emissions, and other countries may well have to put even more measures in place to combat the inevitable rise in America’s CO2 output.  

It is also likely that many renewable energy experts will seek work in other countries as their opportunities become sparser in the US.

Irreversible Climate Change

Put simply, the most significant repercussion of Trump’s war on green energy will be rising global temperatures and the ensuing environmental catastrophes if it gets out of hand. Temperatures are already dangerously close to reaching irreversible levels, and the damage this could cause to the world would be unprecedented.

World leaders who condemned Trump’s Withdrawal from the Paris Accord will undoubtedly be looking to the future to find more solutions to climate change, and their respective renewable energy sectors are likely to continue growing. 

Tackling climate change has been a subject which has brought people and countries together, often allowing them to overcome political differences. The green energy sector’s emergence as a major force has done much to reinforce this, but Trump’s moves against climate control could reverse a lot of the positive changes brought about by renewable energy.


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