Careers in Renewables – Boom or Bust?

28 Sep 10:00 by Luke Hatkinson-Kent



The Green Energy sector is in growth mode. The value of UK exports in the renewables sector was around £2 billion last year, although this is widely believed to be a conservative estimate, and UK companies exported to 43 countries. BP expects global renewable energy output to become the fastest growing energy source in the next 20 years, but with all the uncertainties surrounding the UK’s exit from the EU, there is a real fear that UK green energy companies could lose their competitive edge.


The Growth of Green 

Nevertheless, green energy is on the ascent and there have been a number of high-profile mergers and acquisitions in recent years. The value of M&As in renewables rose by 5.7% in 2016 and there is every indication that M&A activity will continue to flourish in this sector. 

Renewable energy companies are slowly adapting to reduced government subsidies and as the market matures, it is regarded as a good source of stable returns for investors. Offshore wind investment, in particular, is a growth sector, with several lucrative deals taking place in the past year, and the only area that saw a fall in M&As was solar.

Job Prospects in Renewables

As a result of intense growth in the renewable energy sector, job prospects are looking good. Millennials, in particular, are very interested in green energy jobs. Investment is high and a rise in mergers and acquisitions has led to an increase in the number of recruitment agencies hunting for suitable job candidates.

Solar and wind industries are creating jobs at a rapid rate. In the US, more people are employed in the renewable energy sector than in traditional industries such as manufacturing. With renewable energy now the UK’s second largest source of electricity, there are plenty of job opportunities for graduates and other qualified individuals looking for a green career.

A rise in the number of mergers and acquisitions within the renewable energy sector has led to increased recruitment opportunities. It’s a corporate brokers job to secure the best deal possible, which will ensure a company is in a strong position with plenty of future growth potential.

Investment Opportunities in Renewables

Corporate brokers such as WH Ireland are helping renewable energy companies raise capital and negotiate deals. Good Energy is one such company that has enjoyed a significant growth period in the last few years. With the help of corporate brokers, the UK-based green energy supplier successfully negotiated a deal to buy wind power from the Danish-owned, Dong Energy’s Westermost Rough offshore wind farm.

A Career in Green Energy

There has never been a better time to consider a career in renewable energy. The sector has gone from virtually no investment back in 2011 to billions of investment funds pouring in in the last five years.

A quick glance at any of the main recruitment sites in the UK will reveal a glut of well-paid jobs in the renewable sector. Public listed companies such as the Good Energy Group PLC and Renewable Energy Holdings PLC have seen remarkable growth in the past few years. Now is a great time to jump on board and build a successful career in a growth sector. 



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