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Why work in renewables?


It's a FAST growing industry helping secure the global energy supply

Renewable energy is a fast-growing, exciting industry that is becoming increasingly important, especially as importing energy is becoming increasingly costly and politically difficult. 

It offers a challenging and rewarding career path

Renewable energy is a truly innovative sector that is developing best practices as it matures. There are huge challenges and problems to work on throughout the lifecycle of projects, from the manufacturing and installation stage through to their safe disposals. Design and manufacturing within the sector is constantly improving; for this to happen it requires sharp and ambitious people to drive the process forward. 

What are the key sectors within the industry? 

There are a growing number of areas within the renewable energy sector, some employing vastly more than others.  

What College and University Courses are available?

The number of courses available within the renewable energy sector has grown exponentially over the past decade. At we have created a comprehensive list of courses available throughout the world. Each course has been linked through to the official course offering page for your convieniance!

For career guidance on the different renewable energy sectors, use our in depth guide below 

What renewable sector do you want to find more about

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Wind Energy 




               Wave Energy

 Micro Renewables

Solar Energy

Carbon Management

 Hydro Energy

Waste Management

Geo-Thermal Energy 

Marine Energy

                Green Transport


Green Policy


    Green Buildings

Energy Finance

                                               Climate Change

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