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There are many specialist areas within the financial sector of the renewable energy industry. The expansion and internationalisation of the global energy markets, combined with the varied green energy certificate schemes and offset mechanisms provides roles ranging from those concerned with half-hour pricing to long-term forecasting. Beyond the skills and experience required within energy trading there is demand for financial acumen needed to assist companies in their business growth. New companies must navigate through the risks of business growth as well as their need for services in day to day financial management and accountancy practices.

Emission Trading Schemes
Green House gases are the main priority of the ETS which are now being rolled out. Sulphur and CO2 are now operational with the remainder of the key green house gases to be brought under international scrutiny by 2008.

Carbon Management and Carbon Offsets
The growth in carbon management practices and full life cycle carbon audits will increase the need for business focussed schemes which offset emissions by means of carbon sequestration elsewhere. Carbon can be locked up either in natural carbon sinks such as forests and soils or by using new techniques for sequestering CO2 in empty gas or oil fields.

UK Renewable Obligation Certificates
Twice a year the Non-Fossil Fuel Purchasing Agency auctions the next six month's offering of Renewable Obligation Certificates or ROCS. The large and efficient wind farms are now seen as very attractive ROC generators - the last sale produced prices in excess of 45 GBP per MWh.

Green Electricity | REC & ROCs

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