Transferable Skills

Finding Work in Renewables
Working towards the goals of a sustainable future is hard to beat as a profession, both in terms of job satisfaction and now financial reward. This guide outlines some of the myriad opportunities there are for individuals to enter and prosper in the varied sectors embraced within the renewable energy industries. 

Transferable Skills & Experience
Obviously, demonstrable success within any field of renewables is a valuable and increasingly sought after commodity. But in an industry that already needs to attract capable individuals from outside, the future holds great promise for those with useful transferable skills. Individuals with experience and skills gained in other industries are already being taken on in all sectors and at all levels- this trend can only continue.

Language Skills
There is increasing emphasis on language skills. Job descriptions often have specialist skill sets combined with bilingual requirements. Strong language skills combined with proven success in a similar role is enough to interest many international companies who are developing operations in new markets.

Specialist Renewable Energy Qualifications
There are now an increasing number of renewable energy focused courses being offered across the world. Undergraduate and Post-graduate degrees in Renewable Energy Technologies, Sustainable Development and Sustainable Building Design are now available. Some of these can be undertaken via distance learning approaches. There are other shorter training and installer courses on offer for those who may wish to start installing micro renewables.

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Green Buildings
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Climate Change
Marine Energy
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Carbon Management
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