Water Management Jobs

Water Management Introduction
The management of the world’s water supplies is of equal importance to that of sustainable energy supplies. Water resources, like energy supplies are concentrated in certain areas, leaving many arid zones and large urban and industrial areas requiring sophisticated water management systems to recycle its limited water resources to ensure sufficient supplies. 

It is in the sector of Dams and reservoirs, that the multiple role of water as source of hydro electricity and of water for industry, irrigation and drinking water must be balanced in a sustainable manner. In such an industry, experience in other related areas is often sought to ensure full network integration.

Technologies and infrastructure to manage water shortages and water surpluses must be designed, planned, installed and then maintained. Specialist engineers are required to design and project manage the refurbishment or new building of dams, pipelines, storage facilities, pumping stations, treatment works, and sewer systems. 

Drinking Water
The provision of drinking water varies from place to place. In areas of high rainfall, the storage facilities can be small or wholly reliant on natural reservoirs in other areas the sources are limited to sparse rainwater and desalinated seawater. As water shortages become ever more pressing the demand for Desalination plants is likely to extend into areas formerly reliant on healthy water tables.

Jobs in the Water Industry
Opportunities exist in all areas of the industry, from senior project leaders responsible for overseeing large civil engineering works to biological monitoring and water treatment roles within environmental health. Water engineers with experience on the ground, and those with necessary CAD skills for hydrological modelling are needed for every project. 

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