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Micrositing & Wind Energy Yield optimisation
Once a site has been selected, the local wind energy densities are modelled from anemometer data recorded from sample locations and heights. The successful site is one where the compromises that must be made to the original optimised layout in order to achieve permissions still provide good wind energy yield forecasting.

Visual Presentations
The planning consent phase of any wind farm now involves a wide range of project presentations of possible development layouts and visual impact scenarios. The increased sophistication of the specialist wind analysis and modelling software not only facilitates improved predictive modelling of energy yields but also has lead to better and better visual presentations. Stakeholders, government departments and the local community are now receiving cutting edge fully rendered 3D visualisation fly-throughs, where a few years ago 2D wire frame images and still photomontages were the best available. 

Wind Analysis Software
Experience with the most commonly used Wind analysis software such as WAsP, WindFarmer, WindFarm & WindPro is sought. However, a demonstrable expertise using similar packages can allow able individuals entry into this niche sector.

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