Tidal Energy

The UK is at the forefront of tidal energy with around 10MW currently being implemented within UK waters. This is more than the rest of the world combined. The primary example of successful implementation can be seen from the Seagen tidal storem generator which has been operating in Stanford Lough, Northern Ireland for 8 years and has generated around 10 GWh.There are several other wave and tidal stream array projects under development in the UK and the sector has ambitions of ten arrays reaching financial close by 2020 across Europe, with the UK well placed for the lion’s share of this to be built in its waters.

Working in hydroelectric power could involve constructing dams or working in management at a hydroelectric power plants. Development jobs in the hydroelectric sector might include working as an engineer in the process of developing and building dams, while an example of an assessment and awareness job would be a sustainability analyst who helps determine how dams can best be built and maintained with minimal erosion or other environmental degradation.

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