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What is a Wind Farm

A wind farm in the most basic sense is a collection of wind turbines that are located within a defined area with a primary purpose of generating electricity. According to Natural Resource Defense Council the average number of wind farm jobs created by a utility scale wind farm is 1079 jobs across its life time.

These jobs created for wind farms include the planning, construction and operating phases of the project. A typical 250MW wind farm will create around 522 construction jobs, 432 manufacturing jobs, 80 planning jobs, 18 sales jobs and 27 operations and management jobs.

It is evident that wind farms have the possibility of not only producing an excellent source of renewable energy but also stimulation the economy by creating wind farm jobs. ​

There is an infinite number of configurations of wind farms but the they can be categorized into two main types: Onshore wind farms and Offshore wind farms. 

Onshore Wind Farms                                  


Offshore Wind Farms  


Onshore wind farms as the name suggests are located on land are the most common type of wind farms to date. They can vary is size from a handful of wind turbines to several hundreds spanning over vast areas of land. Find out more in our onshore wind farm guidance!           

Offshore wind farms are located out at sea with the main advantage being that the wind profile across of the site being very uniform.  These wind farms are not as common as onshore due to the financial constraints.



Stages of a Wind Farm






The first stage of any  wind farm project is to find a suitable location that has to fulfill several different criteria. The area has to be developable; if the land is situated in a national park for example acquiring permission to build a wind farm would be futile. The plot has to poses the correct wind profile (it has to be windy!) as the whole purpose is to generate electricity from the wind. Furthermore the site has to be situated near a demand or connection to the transmission network. There is little point in locating a wind farm in an area where it there is either little demand or there is no way of cheaply distributing the electricity.

It is at the planning stage of the process where these sort of issues have to be analysed along with a host of others. This stage creates a large number of jobs for wind farms, which can range from environmental jobs to wind farm analysis and consultancy jobs. 


Construction of a wind farm can begin once the planning stage is complete and the technical analysis/specification of wind farm has been established. It is in the planning stage where the model and manufacturer of wind turbines to be used will be confirmed. In the construction phase there are several different elements that needed to be completed which are:

  • Associated infrastructure Onshore- Access roads, fencing, drainage and construction facilities all have to be built. 

  • Associated infrastructure Offshore- Barges for access, monitoring equipment, marine foundations. 

  • Wind turbine installation- the wind turbines themselves need to be installed which require extensive foundation work.

  • Connection with distribution network- Connecting to grid is the last piece of the puzzle and this requires the laying of electricity cables and construction of substations. 

It is at this stage of the project that the wind farm creates the largest number of jobs, typically about 50% of all the jobs across the lifetime of the wind farm. These jobs are not necessarily specific to the renewable energy industry as some can be used in a range of sectors such as road construction jobs. However there are some jobs that in depth knowledge of the sector is required such as the wind turbine installation jobs and other wind farm specific jobs. 


Now that the turbines have been installed they have to be maintained and managed.

The maintenance required on the turbines can be on the turbine blades, or any of the mechanical elements that are inside the turbine. The job that addresses this are wind turbine technicians, visit our compressive guide.

The wind farm also needs to be managed at an operational level so that energy output is being monitored and that all turbines are functioning.  This can be done remotely or onsite depending on the technology installed. This is done by a wind farm operations manager who will be in contact with and working along side the distribution network. 

Want to know more about Wind Farm Jobs? 

There are many different job types within the wind farm industry ranging from planning to maintenance:

Wind Turbine Technician:

Wind turbine technicians play a vital role for wind farms. They help ensure the the wind turbine equipment are in order and involves maintaining, testing and repairing the turbines on a frequent basis.  Work can either be carried out at onshore of offshore wind farms. Read our comprehensive guide on how to become a wind turbine technician for more information!

Wind Farm Manager Jobs

Operational and managerial roles exist within the wind farm jobs industry. Usually candidates are expected to have qualified within an engineering discipline and able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of wind turbines. In addition to this, candidates are expected to help ensure all workings on the site are effectively planned and executed and are carried out in within health and safety in mind. Read our comprehensive guide on how to become a wind farm manager for more information!

High Voltage Maintenance Engineer

High voltage engineers help with the commissioning, testing and maintenance of wind farm substations. Maintenance will include working on transformers,cabling and protection relays.  Usually the role involves a degree of travelling around. Read our comprehensive guide on how to become a voltage engineer for more information!

Wind Farm Advisory

Wind farm advisory involves working with both onshore and offshore farms and focuses on providing expertise on policy matters, economics and engineering. In essence, the advisory is a form of due diligence which helps companies make commercial decisions based on the economics and social impact as well as helping them to develop new technologies. Read our comprehensive guide on wind farm advisory for more information!

What are the key renewable energy companies? 

Wind Farm operational and maintenance roles:           

EDP Renewables - Horizon Wind Energy LLC (“Horizon”) develops, constructs, owns and operates wind farms throughout North America. Based in Houston, Texas with over 20 offices across the United States, Horizon has developed more than 2,800 megawatts (MW) and operates over 2,000 MW of wind farms.

GE Energy - GE Energy is one of the world's leading suppliers of power generation and energy delivery technologies in all areas of the energy industry including coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy as well as with renewable resources such as water, wind, solar and alternative fuels

Iberdrola Renewables - Iberdrola Renewables is a leader in optimized energy solutions tailored to meet the needs of wholesale and large commercial and industrial customers.

Invenergy - Invenergy and its affiliated companies develop, own and operate large-scale renewable and other clean energy generation facilities in North America and Europe. Invenergy is committed to clean power alternatives and continued innovation in electricity generation. Invenergy's home office is located in Chicago and it has regional development offices throughout the United States and in Canada and Europe.

NextEra Energy - NextEra Energy Resources is in the competitive energy business. They develop, construct and operate power plants to produce electricity. They market NextEra electricity to wholesale customers and develop the critical infrastructure for power delivery.

Upwind Solutions - UpWind Solutions was founded in 2007 to serve a growing demand for quality wind turbine services in North America and across the globe. They were founded on the belief that an innovative approach is required when dealing with the challenges in our industry today.

Research, development and manufacturing       

Vestas - As the industry leader, Vestas sets the agenda in the modern energy sector. Thier goal is to expand their position by setting new standards for the industry in all disciplines, and significantly increasing our professionalism in dealings with stakeholders – from shareholders and customers to employees

Alstom Power - Alstom is a global leader in the world of power generation and sets the benchmark for innovative and environmentally conscious technologies.

Siemens Energy - The Siemens Energy Sector is the world’s leading supplier of a complete spectrum of products, services and solutions for the generation, transmission and distribution of power.

ConstructionWind Farm Jobs   

Recurrent Energy- Recurrent Energy is a leading solar project developer, providing clean electricity to utilities and large energy buyers. The company's vision is to use proven solar technology to meet rising energy demand with a fleet of clean power plants located right where they're needed most.

Apex Wind Energy- Apex Wind Energy, Inc. is a leading U.S.- based developer of commercial-scale wind energy facilities in North America. With a team of some of the most experienced wind energy professionals in the industry, we have built a strong reputation for responsible development and quality projects constructed to the highest industry standards.​

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