Future Solutions

Future Solutions
Kyoto's actual emissions targets may be criticised for being slow and unambitious. However, they do nevertheless represent a distinct and clear sign of what is to come. The Protocol's coming into force provides a powerful international cohesive force with which Climate Change mitigation and green energy solutions can be encouraged. 

For the first time, many businesses and investors are now understanding that not only has renewable energy got a future, it is the future. The exploding international demand for renewable energy solutions provides a rich and fertile ground for those with technologies and entrepreneurship to match. Investment is beginning to enter the industry in an unprecedented fashion. 

As oil prices rise, this investment will increase still further. Whilst the majority will no doubt be targeted at rolling out existing or well-developed technology, it is to be hoped that funds too will foster research across a much wider territory than orthodox science presently embraces.

The Adoption of Permacuture
The target must be to develop a matrix of sustainably sourced green energy; integrated to provide sufficient electrical and thermal energy requirements for our future well being of all society. The wider concept of Permaculture must be adopted in order to unite our water, food and energy management systems together in holistic synergy. 

Energy Efficiency
Deploying intelligent systems in order that we use energy in a more efficient way is much easier than finding out how to make more energy. New zero-emission building styles will gradually replace those not predisposed for ecological retrofitting. Local grids will be able to dynamically control consumer appliance operation to better match demand with supply.

Future Energy Distribution
The demographics associated with high density urban concentrations surrounded by more sparsely populated rural areas has ensured that the installed distribution systems connect up the big generators with the big users and probably will always need to. However, added to this will be the palimpsest of small and medium scale renewables embedded into local and wider grid networks. Rural and isolated regions will embrace a more 100% self-sufficient energy production, perhaps generating and utilising hydrogen locally.

Superconductors will surely play a major role in the way electricity is distributed and made. In the twenty years of superconducting the temperature of superconductivity point has moved from a few degrees above absolute zero to the 150K mark. Advances through accident or design may well bring this figure within range of operation without the need for cryogenic systems. If the benefits of zero transmission losses can ever be harnessed at or near to normal temperatures, a revolution would occur in the way energy is generated, stored and used.

New approaches to Research
There is a need for a more honest approach to science and research. A good start would be tackling those contentious areas of anomalies where our scientific understanding is weakest, and yet to research and publish on them runs the risk of expulsion from academia in much the same way religious groups may excommunicate their former brethren on issues of dogmatic belief. 

There are a lot of smart maverick scientists researching controversial concepts such as superconductivity, cold fusion and perpetual motion. Whilst this group of outsiders may have difficulty getting their ideas published, they nevertheless would experience the same fame and fortune destined for anyone who does make any important breakthrough. As is often repeated but seldom given credence in funding decisions, history has archived ample evidence that a very significant percentage of great scientific leaps have leapt from the minds of single individuals. 

Green "Black Projects"?
Fostered within research units associated with military and space technology, the governments of the world are in a position to research and develop any covert technology they wish. From the countless billions of dollars our governments have spent on such R&D, it is conceivable that such breakthrough technology is already in existence, but being held back for “political” or “economic” reasons. 

Esoteric Science
A few of these potential breakthroughs areas such as "Anti-Gravity", "Over Unity machines" and "room temperature superconductivity" are already iconic in their illusiveness. Failures in such realms can be rewarded with harsh treatment by the established power holders intent on discrediting such esoteric investigations, but as a species we must remain open to the possibility that something mainstream science currently says is impossible may be the very answer we are looking for.