Welcome to the "Green Rush" 

Few industries are guaranteed such fast global growth as Green Energy. As issues such as climate change and the exhaustion of global oil reserves percolate deep into the wider corporate, political and public consciousness, the psychological shift is starting to be seen. Every day more strategists are waking up to the fact that we must immediately step out of our reassuring dream of a glossy future based on cheap unlimited oil. 

The coming into force of the Kyoto Protocol has meant that there are now more than 140 countries committed to mitigating climate change and moving beyond fossil fuels to a future revolving around a matrix of renewable green energy supply systems. Whilst these gradual steps to address climate change are already stimulating fast growth across certain sectors of renewables industry, it will be the price of oil that detonates the true explosion of green energy investment across all sectors. 

Those who have been experimenting with, and advocating green technologies such as solar systems, wind turbines and eco-buildings for the last 20 years have had a hard time. Until recently, being 'Green' was at best considered a rather socially divided fringe activity. Suddenly, after years of ridicule, we are being asked to navigate a safe passage through the largest technical, social and economic revolution since fossil fuels swept aside our previous green age of sailing boats and beasts of burden. This 21st century 'Green Rush' will expand at a rate and power that will stretch human and material resources to the limit.

Jobs in Renewable Energy 
The accelerating demand for skilled personnel in the renewable energy industries has led online job sites such as Green Energy Jobs to offer a platform where such opportunities can be advertised to the global audience of industry professionals.

Career Guide
This guide will inform those wishing to gain an overview of the opportunities and challenges to be found within renewables. The sector needs to attract committed and skilled individuals from other industries. If you have skills and experience which could be focused on any part of the renewables revolution, there are opportunities for you.